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Professional Healers - The range of new topical vibrational treatments presented in this course can be utilized by reiki, shiatsu, massage, esthetician and other bodywork and alternative medicine practitioners to impart subtle feelings of well being to clients- without the need for extensive use of physical force & muscle exertion by the practitioner. A Flora Corona Flower Essence Certificate will be given upon completion of course material requirements.

Non-Professionals wanting to learn to use flower essences for self-education can also participate without course requirements or certification. This system provides vibrational home care treatments that can be used to renew and revitalize your body on a daily basis.

Presenting a New Way of Using Flower Essences
Developed by Flora Corona

You will learn hands- on how flower essences re-vitalize the human energy system by taking them internally as well as applying them topically to your body each month. Sharing your impressions of the treatments with others via the Online Forum as well as studying the educational material each month will deepen your understanding of energy medicine. This training provides new and original topical techniques of using flower essences- a method that speaks to the mind of the cells and allows the body to simply do new things. Topical application is the leading edge of flower essence work and a technique that can be used at home and with clients to revitalize and permeate the human energy system to new octaves of well being:

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his new book The Biology of Belief, the cell membrane is the actual brain of the cell that directs the cell's functioning, not the DNA in the cell nucleus. Counter to the idea that DNA determines how you function according to inherited DNA programming, Dr. Lipton says that your environment, belief system and perceptions are mediated by the cell membrane which informs and changes your DNA according to these signals. Environmental signals include your physical environment, energetic frequencies such as sound, light and vibrational medicine as well as your perceptions and thoughts about your environment. Lipton's quote from his website: "The 'Heart of Energy Medicine' may truly be found in the magic of the membrane," gives an indication of why the pure floral messages in flower essences are delivered to the body so effectively by their topical application.

You Will Learn-

  • The background of flower essence therapy, the alchemy of flower essences, the energetic action of meridians/ five elements in relation to vibrational medicine & new research on water and cell biology.
  • How flower essences work therapeutically when taken internally and progressive stages of healing the various layers of the body and mind with sequential long-term use.
  • New topical treatments including compressing, direct full body applications, adding them to creams/ massage oils etc.
  • How to apply flower essences to meridian source points as well as to their specific acupuncture sites from the new book- Floral Acupuncture-Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites.
  • How flower essence work at the energetic light level & new scientific research that validates this modality.
  • How to make flower essences.
  • Your personal relationship to twelve colors and their corresponding flower essences that will be presented over the year: red, orange, yellow, lime, green, turquoise, blue, indigo, violet, purple, magenta & carmine- as well as how to use flower essences according to color.
  • Personal reports, discussions, and questions from others in the group about flower essences via the online forum.
  • How to use flower essences as liquid feng shui for office, home & gardens.

You will receive by mail:

  • 12 color-coded Flora Corona Hawaiian Flower Essences
  • Corresponding Flower Essence Card.
  • Monthly Emails- each month you will receive via email
  • Educational background material on flower essences.
  • A full color document about the internal use of the flower essence of the month & illustrated topical treatments, including directions for use.
  • You will also receive a document about the color of the flower & the indications for this colors' use in healing.

Course Materials

Over the course of the year you will also receive-

  • Flora Corona Meridian Source Point Chart for applying flower essences to the meridian system via source points.
  • Flora Corona Color Chart for using world-wide flower essences according to color.

Required Reading

The Medical Discoveries of Dr. Edward Bach; Heal Thyself; Floral Acupuncture-Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites; Flower Essence Repertory; The Biology of Belief; Messages From Water, Volume One; The Field; and other applicable material as suggested reading.

Course Requirements for Certification- Monthly reports, including documentation of your experience of using the flower essence internally as well as by topical treatment including application to acupuncture points.

Online Group Forum- The Online Forum allows participants to discuss treatments during the month, report results and ask questions.

Course Dates

This course is twelve months. It has been designed as a continuing cycle therefore it is possible to start at any time. Your individual program must be completed by cycling through all twelve months.


Cost of the twelve month course is $1,140 plus a registration fee of $95. Monthly payments of $95 can be made with a signed agreement for completing payment of the full amount over twelve months.

To Register- Contact deborah@floracorona.com or call 831-459-7962 with your background information. Your deposit of $95 can be paid online by clicking on "Online Training" at the following link-


Deborah Craydon, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner:

"The information presented in this course is research distilled through twelve years of flower essence practice with clients in California, Colorado, and Hawaii as an FES certified flower essence practitioner. The new topical treatments in this course were developed through twelve years of research into colored light, flower essences, and the application of vibrational elixirs to the meridian system. The acupuncture application methods were developed in conjunction with Warren Bellows, Lic. Ac., co-author with Deborah Craydon of the book Floral Acupuncture - Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites (Crossing Press 2005)"

For more information about Floral Acupuncture go to www.floralacupuncture.com

For more information about Flora Corona go to www.floracorona.com

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